3 Easy And Beautiful Half-Day Tours Near Pai

1. Climb The Hill To The White Buddha.
In Thai, the monument is called Chedi Phra That Mae Yen, which I think means ‘Temple on The Hill’ infact. This gigantic Buddha sits on top of a hill, with a fantastic view over Pai and the walk there is super pretty and totally doable. It’s only about 3,5km outside town and though it’s up a hill, it’s not a very hard exercise. Check out this post for more information and pictures 🙂

2. Take A Hike Around Pai Canyon.
Pai Canyon is located about 8km southeast of town. It’s a tourist magnet but a gem of a place. Splendid views and particularly amazing at sunset. Be sure to read this post dedicated to this truly beautiful place, for all the details and more photos

3. Rent Bicycles And Tackle The Ascent To Yun Lai Viewpoint.
The Yun Lai viewpoint is a hilltop about 6km west of town. The ride there is steep towards the end, but scenic and definitely doable. The top of the hill is divided in two areas, one which is free and has a large lawn space, perfect for some gymnastics fun, and a traditional Chinese swing that you can try for 20THB/pp. The other area is 20THB/pp for entry and is the highest point and where the ‘souvenir-photo-spot’ is. Both have stalls that sell souvenirs, ice creams and such. Read my post about our visit here.


All of these outings are free or very low budget, costing you only what you decide to add in terms of snacks or other. Pai in this respect is very budget friendly, and unless you want to do all the tourist tours or eat Western-style food, you can actually stay a long time in Pai for very little money. Have any great tours to add to the list? Throw in a comment and share your gems 🙂


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