5 Family Friendly Ways To Get Active In Montauban

Montauban lies just an hour north of Toulouse and is the capital city of the Tarn-et-Garonne department. With a population of just under 60000 it’s a medium sized town with a fair share of amenities, but offers little in terms of specifically ‘touristy’ things to do. Luckily, getting active with your family doesn’t require a tourist label! We spent a month there in March 2019 and had a great time, enjoying lots of active outings both within the town itself and further away in the region. Here’s my list of five family friendly fitness activities that you can do in Montauban:

1. INGREO Pool & Wellness Center

Situated about a 10 min walk from the city center, the INGREO Complexe Aquatique is a large facility with both indoor and outdoor pools. The outdoor pool was open when we went, but we were way to chicken to try it out. It was still only March after all, and our northern selves certainly didn’t flee the Scandinavian cold to freeze at an outdoor pool in southern France. There must be limits to the craziness.

Instead we spent our time in the comfortable large indoor pool, which has a section where you can (try to) swim against the stream and that was a lot of fun. There was a slide, but it wasn’t open at the time. Probably because we went on a Thursday morning. I didn’t ask, but I imagine that the more family oriented equipment would be open on evenings and weekends only. The center also has a fitness and wellness section and there is a large park with a playground just behind the building.

2. Indoor Climbing Center – Espace Grimpe

Situated just a 5 min walk from the train station, the indoor climbing center ‘Espace Grimpe‘ is a true little gem for the athletic family vacationing or traveling through Montauban. You need to know it’s there, because it doesn’t make a loud publicitary noise and is located in a small street far from the regular tourist path. It’s not a huge place, but has everything you need for many hours of fun family training! Single entry is 11€ for adults but there is a very convenient 10-entry card, which brings the price down to 7,7€/entry. The card can be used by several persons, so is a great option for a family, if you’re counting on coming more than once.

We loved the space and their very friendly staff and highly recommend it, whether your family are experienced climbers or just want to try it out!

3. Skatepark & Playground – Parc Chambord

Located within a huge green space about 15 min walk from the Place Prax (which is where several bus lines run) you will find the city’s awesome skatepark. This 650M2 space makes for hours of energy burning on either four wheels or two, as aside from skateboards, both roller skates, scooters and BMX bikes are allowed.

The park is also home to a biggish playground, so why not pack lunch and bring a deck of cards or a book along, for a full day of family sport intertwined with a bit of relaxing in the sun!

4. Warrior Adventure OCR Training

Just an hour south of Montauban, lies an incredible indoor playground for all ages! At Warrior Adventure the entire family will have a chance to practice their ‘ninja’ skills on one of the many obstacles. Rings, bars, climbing rope, trapezes, mini-trampoline and warped walls are among the features of this fun and family friendly gym.

Entry is a bit pricey, but if you can manage to go on a weekday, there’s a reduced rate at 13€/person which makes it a little more affordable. It is money well spent though, as you can stay as long as you want (or are able to!) and will be able to challenge yourself pretty. much regardless of your fitness level and skill mastery. For more details about how to get there from Montauban, see this post.

5. River Bank Run (Or Stroll) Along The tarn

Another way to spend some active family time, is to take advantage of the natural environment of Montauban and go for a walk/run along the banks of the Tarn river which runs through the city. This activity has the lovely advantage of being entirely free, so if you are on a budget or just need to scale down on the expenses for a while, here’s your perfect day out in Montauban.

There aren’t that many places to cross the river, but one of them is the Pont de l’Avénir on the west side of the city, and from here runs a lovely path along the south bank and all the way to Pont Vieux, one of the few other crossing points. Towards the end of the walk, there’s a tiny playground and a table tennis set up, so if you bring rackets you can also have a friendly family competition to round it all off 🙂

This route is just over 3KM long. For a longer walk, you can cross the the river at either bridge and do a full loop. The path on the north side starts at Avenue des Albaredes at the far end of the Cours Foucault park.


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