Gouffres De Cabouy & Saint Sauveur

Just about an hour’s drive from Cahors, in the regional park ‘Les Causses du Quercy’ lies a string of natural ponds that are in fact a world famous area for cave diving. Passionate divers come from all over Europe and beyond, to explore the galeries hidden below the rocks and water lilies.

But even if you aren’t a diver, the site is well worth a visit, as there are lots of easy hiking to do around the area and the ponds are absolutely amazing with their green and turquoise waters!

Starting from Cabouy, you can take a path leading up the hills behind you and it’s possible to go all the way to Rocamadour this way. A round trip by foot to or from the famous clifftop village is only around 6-7KM, easy route, so definitely doable, even if you aren’t a super experienced hiker or if you only have one day in the area.

looking back at Cabouy from the hilltop to the northwest
testing the waters at Cabouy pond

When we went there (April) there was a incredible amount of frogs, hiding around among the water lilies and other vegetation. And the sound of them was just astounding!! It was quite simply fantastic to close your eyes and just sit there for a moment, doing nothing but breathe in the scent of the forest and listen to the frogs singing relentlessly. Turn on the sound and check it out:

To reach Saint Sauveur, you just cross the pond and follow a trail all the way. I definitely recommend doing this!! It’s a lovely and relaxing walk, and the scenery at the end is nothing short of amazing! After about 20 minutes of easy walking, the most beautiful little forest lake with emerald waters and shady shores, emerges from among the trees:

A little piece of paradise!

We shared the beauty with a couple of divers just going in, a few other hikers and a sweet, young family comfortably settled on their picnic blanket to (I presume) spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying the peace and total quiet of this magical place…..well, that was before yours truly and company came along, lol. Luckily, they seemed to welcome the sudden entertainment and were even cheering the kids along, as they took a few artistic dives into the VERY cold water. Awesome 🙂

We didn’t actually know what to expect when we went here, so didn’t come prepared in anyway. No bathing suits, no towels, no sunscreen, no hats, no hiking gear of any kind and only a very limited amount of snacks, which is partly why we decided to just take the easy stroll from Cabouy to Saint Sauveur. Next time we’re in the region though, we are definitely going to pack for a day trip and do the entire Rocamadour ‘loop’ complete with a visit to the village!


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