The Old Town Of Cahors – A Trip Back In Time!

Something to absolutely do in Cahors, is to go for a stroll through the historic center. Don’t look at maps though, just let yourself get lost in the labyrinth of tiny cobbled and paved streets and passages, slithering in and out amongst each other. With just a bit of imagination, you will be taken straight back to the far gone medieval times!

There has been quite a bit of urban renovation work done, so it’s a historic center that is clean and proper looking. This doesn’t take away any of the picturesque charm though, and the narrow streets filled with colorful houses complete with flower pots and old style shutters offer many picture worthy motives. I especially loved the tiny passages more or less hidden behind an arch like this one below, and would spend hours just wandering around admiring all the little details of each and every building.

The market on Saturday and Wednesday mornings takes place in the old town (next to the the cathedral) so at these times, the area will be bustling and filled with locals and tourists alike, quite possibly rendering the medieval feeling slightly less intense! But if you go at a less busy hour, like a Sunday afternoon, a bit out of the high season, chances are you’ll have most of the quarter much to yourself, leaving the time machine effect considerably more evident 🙂

The historic center stretches all the way (almost) from the Pont Louis Philippe to the Saint-Barthélemy church and you can start at either end – or anywhere in between – and work your way through. On the north side of Saint-Barthélemy, there’s a small playground and a nice viewpoint over the Lot. You’ll also find a few gardens and ‘squares’ along the way, should the need to sit and relax for a while and just take in the beauty of urban history arise.


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